Churchwide Special Sundays


Six churchwide special Sundays provide for churchwide offerings to express our commitment: Human Relations Day, One Great Hour of Sharing, Native American Ministries Sunday, Peace with Justice Sunday, United Methodist Student Day and World Communion Sunday. These special Sundays approved by General Conference are the only Sundays with churchwide emphases. 


To give simply do the following:

1. Click the button on the Special Sunday you wish to donate

2. Enter the amount you wish to donate

3. Click Submit (a second page will pop open)

4. Scroll down to enter your credit card info (enter credit card info)

5. Print your receipt (hit F5 to refresh page)


Human Relations Day - Human Relations Day is one of the opportunities for United Methodist churches to celebrate our connecitonal work. This day of social action and raising aswareness aims to heal social ills at the national level. 

One Great Hour of Sharing - The United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR) works to alleviate human suffering - whether cause by war, conflict or natural disasters-with open heards and minds.

Native American Ministries Sunday - Native American Ministries Sunday recognized and supports the contributions of Native Americans to the church and society.

Peace with Justice Sunday - Peace with Justice Sunday offerings support programs that advocate for peace and justice at home and around the world.

World Communion Sunday - World Communion Sunday Funds World Communion Scholarships with at least one-half of the annual amount reserved for ministries beyond the United States. Gifts also provide for U.S. Ethnic Scholarship and Ethnic In-service programs. 

United Methodist Student Day - United Methodist Student Day supports United Methodist scholarships and the United Methodist Student Loan Fund.